Requirements engineering coming playful with ease for the whole team

Streamline your software development process and boost efficiency with the smart integration of third-party tools and the power of AI. Discover new possibilities and achieve your goals faster.

ollayr brings balance in your project by improving the requirements engineering

Improve the quality of your requirements and product

Share team knowledge effortlessly, and everyone can see the big picture at a glance

A good basis is good formulated requirements.
Write percise requirements
Use the perfect tool for creating and improving engineering requirements using AI assistance.
Focus on the big picture
Leverage product requirements and knowledge and get an instant overview from any team member's perspective.
Master the details, master the deadlines
Deep dive into every layer of product development and instantly identify areas requiring extra input.
Interconnected product development
APIs, UI Designs, Architecture, test cases, Issues, and Product requirements are finally available within a single tool.

Locate key project data

Break everything down by role and responsibility and keep everyone on the same page

Smarter tool integration, smarter product development

Smarter tool integration

ollayr allows you to focus on what you do best by working silently in the background as it connects everything needed in a single location. Describe layers, streamline projects, and enjoy real-time updates from tools like Zeplin, Jira, and GitHub.

Inbox user interface

Central information storage

With ollayr, you get everything about a specific requirement all in one place. From the initial research and business requirements, right the way through to key design decisions and technical details.

Customer profile user interface

See the complete requirement

Developers need to understand all the small details, which is why ollayr presents them in an intuitive user story. Acceptance criteria, APIs, screen designs, data structures, and test cases are all covered.

Inbox user interface

Product Development guidance

Creating a project in ollayr lets your new tool integration solution guide you through every step of the creation process. By seeing all the key layers involved, you'll be able to quickly and easily identify the gaps you need to fill.

Customer profile user interface

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